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The Thirsty Traveler - Irish Stout (1)


The Thirsty

Traveler Irish Stout

There is nothing more Irish than a pint of stout. Explore the history of this dark ale from Dublin to Waterford and Cork. Whether haunting haunted castles, yacht sailing or stopping off at the local pub for a caleigh, the Irish nectar is there.

Stout History:

Stout originally was a beer called porter, named after the porters of the London docks who first favored the drink. Its roots however, may be found in a blended concoction known as "three threads." A bartender would mix equal parts of young and old brown ale and pale ale—the last also known as "two-penny" because of its high price. This popular drink blended the complexities of old ale, the cleaner taste of the pricier pale ale and the balance of the affordable young brown. But it was complicated for a busy bartender to prepare. So in 1722 a brewer named Ralph Harwood copied the taste of the mix and developed a single beer, the world's first porter. This was called "entire," because the beer was brewed in one vessel instead of three. Many have developed stout since Harwood, with Guinness as the most well known.

Stout Facts:

  • Guinness draught was introduced in the U.S. in 1967.
  • At 198 calories, a pint of stout has fewer calories than a pint of skim milk or orange juice.
  • Around 13 million glasses of stout are consumed around the world every day.
  • Make stout mayonnaise by blending 1 cup mayonnaise, 1/2 cup cream and 1/2 cup stout.




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